…always covered.

Packed with fun little gags, just how I like my TVCs. via Blockhead.

…taking it slow.

Oh Simon the Sloth, you’re a cute wee fellow to animate. via Kaleidoscope.

…working on the perfect beard.

Oort Portrait
More Nuut concept art! This time for Oort, Nuut’s troublesome brother. As you can see, he’s kind of the steampunk version of a hipster, a hodge-podge of whatever is cool. But not too cool…

As always, find out more over at https://www.facebook.com/nuutofficial


…neatly packaged.

Here’s a lovingly edited wee sampler of motion graphics work from the past few years.

…caught with his hand in the jar.

Gorgeous sets filled with gorgeous things, in which live gorgeous people. Eating gorgeous jam.

Gorgeous job to create FX and animation for. via Blockhead.

…playing leapfrog.

Had some great fun animating this wee trio of characters. Cadbury Freddo via Blockhead.

…running this town.



Here she is, the eponymous heroine (anti-heroine?) Nuut. This design was a long time coming – re-designing something you came up with ten years ago is a real challenge of ejecting all the bad habits you used have but keeping all the good things that mean that this character is still with you. So it took a few months to overhaul until I was happy with her ‘update’.

As you can probably tell, Nuut has ‘upgraded’ legs – which combined with her own hard-earned street knowledge makes her an incredibly quick-moving and dangerous urbanite.


…getting a right shock.

Created this commissioned video for Powerco, who were fantastic clients and really allowed us to create something above and beyond your usual corporate communication.

Co-directed by redkidOne and Sinclair Lonsdale. Produced, edited and animation by redkidOne. Model and practical FX by Sinclair Lonsdale.

…getting upgraded.


Two new concept images for the web-series, “Nuut”. Here we have Pearl and Leena, both tight buddies with Nuut. The idea with these images was explore these characters and get a sense of them ‘living their lives’.

Pearl has an upgrade that has installed a set of speakers and valve amps into her back. As you can imagine, she is now a walking sound system – but mostly the speakers create an audio expression of her moods, or can be used to project calming/harming sound waves.

Leena’s upgrade effectively replaced her entire digestive system with a kind of internal combustion engine – so as long as she has easily combustible food (or even better, alcohol!) she never gets tired. Which is perfect for her, as she loves to push herself through physical challenges and explore. The more precarious the path, the better.


…munching down.

Smiths Chips – Mr Potato Head from TOYBOX on Vimeo.
A fun wee job via Toybox. Looked after character animation, lighting and render on this one.