…picking paths.

The Long Road

You step out from the wizard’s ramshackle hut. The gnarled and dusty landscape stretches out before you, daring you to traverse it’s treacherous paths. In one of these strange cities, you will find the keys to your freedom.

You are ready to begin your adventure. Now, turn to page 1.

Just a quick little sketch, trying out some brush techniques before I make a final push on the Immram project. A trippy landscape that reminds me of the old pick-a-path books.

…looking over the hills for monsters. again.

An idea I’ve been waiting ten years to have an excuse to create – seeing a giant stomping it’s way around the New Zealand landscape.

The music video for ‘Twin Galaxies’, from Shapeshifter’s 2010 album ‘The System is a Vampire’.

There’s plenty of possible interpretations for this video, I’ve got my own, but I’ll let people make of it what they will. In the end, it’s simply a personal story on a massive scale.

…re-aligning chakras.

So, it’s time to update. This is the temporary portfolio site, or a portfolio-in-flux as they say. Bare with me while I get everything sorted out.