…listening to stories.

The planetarium dome show I’ve been working on as part of the OHU Domes collective now has international distribution! A sequence of three Māori legends, intended to give people a taste of how Māori understood the night sky. For international licences, contact Spitz Creative and in New Zealand contact the Auckland Stardome

360 degree and flat trailers for the show, here for your perusal:

…getting upgraded.


Two new concept images for the web-series, “Nuut”. Here we have Pearl and Leena, both tight buddies with Nuut. The idea with these images was explore these characters and get a sense of them ‘living their lives’.

Pearl has an upgrade that has installed a set of speakers and valve amps into her back. As you can imagine, she is now a walking sound system – but mostly the speakers create an audio expression of her moods, or can be used to project calming/harming sound waves.

Leena’s upgrade effectively replaced her entire digestive system with a kind of internal combustion engine – so as long as she has easily combustible food (or even better, alcohol!) she never gets tired. Which is perfect for her, as she loves to push herself through physical challenges and explore. The more precarious the path, the better.

…diving deep, deep down.

The New Sounds of Europa

A nice case of getting to revisit an old piece and bring it up to scratch. Pretty rare. Originally an image used for one of Module’s live shows, this piece was re-worked as a potential album cover.

As part of a sonic journey that takes him all across the Solar System, Module dives into the Terra-normalized oceans of Europa. In such massive, un-interrupted depths, sound waves take on fascinating properties. They flex and evolve in ways that simply cannot be replicated on Earth! 

…picking paths.

The Long Road

You step out from the wizard’s ramshackle hut. The gnarled and dusty landscape stretches out before you, daring you to traverse it’s treacherous paths. In one of these strange cities, you will find the keys to your freedom.

You are ready to begin your adventure. Now, turn to page 1.

Just a quick little sketch, trying out some brush techniques before I make a final push on the Immram project. A trippy landscape that reminds me of the old pick-a-path books.