…making the handover.

The Handover

The third illustration I produced for friends while living in Bristol, this one for Helen. Another mock scene for a children’s book or film – has the girl been tricked into handing over the secret vial, or is she doing the one vital thing the adults are too stubborn to do?


Aaaaaahhhhh… Sometimes it’s actually fun to be blatantly soppy. This animation was commissioned by The Blush Response as a show-opener, to ease the audience into their brand of over-the-top synth-tronica. Venus, Mars, and In-btween.

Yes, that’s the way we spell it.

…looking back.

To the first music video – for Rhian Sheehan’s ‘Boundaries’. Okay, so it’s basically a re-edit of my final-year design school project, but it works! Will update with a better version as soon as I can.

…living underground.

Welcome to the Underground. The environment for my background project ‘Nuut’ – this is a concept scene of a typical neighbourhood. Apartments, a cafe/venue, and a bottomless pit. Like an early 20th century Paris, where everything is made of metal and the sun never shines.

The Taffeta, a popular bar housed inside a strange, hanging structure. This is a matte painting used in a proof-of-concept animation for the project.