…looking back.

To the first music video – for Rhian Sheehan’s ‘Boundaries’. Okay, so it’s basically a re-edit of my final-year design school project, but it works! Will update with a better version as soon as I can.

…living underground.

Welcome to the Underground. The environment for my background project ‘Nuut’ – this is a concept scene of a typical neighbourhood. Apartments, a cafe/venue, and a bottomless pit. Like an early 20th century Paris, where everything is made of metal and the sun never shines.

The Taffeta, a popular bar housed inside a strange, hanging structure. This is a matte painting used in a proof-of-concept animation for the project.

…lost on the freeway.

An experiment in Photoshop – generating an abstract image using only filters and adjustments. The result is a suggestion of what might happen if humanity ever really did discover the Promised Lands…